Project Title: Addressing skills mismatching in the green sector through Digital Upskilling of veT (ADDUPT)

Duration: 36 months (January 2023- December 2025)

Donor: European Commission, Erasmus plus Programme

Description: The aim of this project is to address the needs of VET institutes located in BP in developing concrete links with the labor market of the developing green sector to offer VET courses that are attractive to students and reflect the demands of employers in the sector.

The focus will be placed on developing VET teachers and trainers’ pedagogical approaches and digital skills to enable them to develop resources and curricula that correspond to the needs of the green sector.

  • To reinforce the link between VET and the labour market of the emerging green sector.
  • To provide concrete guidance and individualised assistance to Western Balkans VET institutes that want to shift towards twin transition.
  • To improve the skills and knowledge of Western Balkans VET trainers and staff in developing digital microlearning resources in green-related topics.
  • To enhance the employability potential of Western Balkans learners through the improved capacity of the VET sector in providing training courses and learning resources that correspond to green sector’s requirements in the labour market.